Business Plans – Stop Wasting Your Time!

“Failing to plan is planning to fail!” was a phrase commonly heard as far back as high school when speaking with my career counselor.  As cliche? is the statement is, most business leaders will suggest that there is a great deal of merit to it, to the extent that most business leaders either a) have started thinking about writing a business plan, b) have started writing one or c) have one tucked away on a shelf that they haven’t looked at, ever.

Business plans take too long to write, they are more of an academic process, they are impractical, they are only used to raise money when starting a business and most good business leaders don’t need one, anyway, right?  While there have been many the albatross thrown around the neck of the business plan, we hope to give you new perspective on creating a business plan and hope that you will engage in one for your business.

In this issue of “Had an Aepiphanni, Lately?” we are going to discuss the justification of the business plan, or why the heck we need one, anyway, and how you might implement one into your daily business without it becoming a burdensome exercise.  Topics we will cover include:

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Internet Business Plan – An Effective Strategy to Make Money Online

Several webmasters believe that E-business is an aspect that is more dependable on good fortune, rather than on planning, which is absolutely wrong. To get started with a venture on the internet, it is very crucial to have an effective Internet Business Plan that can help to work systematically. From small wholesale websites to search engines, careful planning can facilitate webmasters in any field. In addition to this, business planning also provides a competitive edge to the business, thereby supporting to emerge as a brand in the market. So, to get started with online business, the foremost step is to reflect upon creating an effective plan.

Drawing Traffic

There are numerous websites on the internet which are attractive, include relevant content and all that what a client is looking for but they miss out one thing and that is quality traffic. If a website is not able to draw traffic, then all the investment of time and money done on the business is worthless. To direct prospective customers on to the website, it is really important to promote the products and services on the web. The entire process of marketing requires an Internet Business Plan where administrators need to choose a marketing strategy and a system so that business can get an apt exposure in the market.

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Always Write Your Own Business Plan If You Want to Be Successful

There is no shortage of ways to get your business plan written for you by everything from fly by night super cheap outfits found online to extremely high priced consulting groups who also promise to put you in touch with high caliber investors and escort you around to all the big money outfits. These options all have one thing in common which is that they deprive you of the critical aspect of business plan writing that most new entrepreneurs don’t understand – the business plan writing process is not about the writing but about the planning and that is what you miss out on if you have someone else write your plan.

A lot of people who hire these services do so because they have an idea but they feel they aren’t good writers or that by having it done “professionally” they will have a better chance of being able to raise money than if they were to write it themselves.

The problem with this thinking is that the key elements of the business that the plan is supposed to determine: what edge the company has over the competition, who the customers are and how they will be reached are now going to be left in the hands of the consultant to determine. Since the plan writers have no stake in the business and are only getting paid for the writing they are not going to necessarily take the time to determine the right answer to this or even worry about the feasibility of the answers they provide.

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